Unintention is not a real word. I meant it as the opposite of intention. My last post was on May 2020. It has been a while since I wrote anything. Now, why is that?

It's easy to want to write, but it's not easy to actually write

You know what to write. You have these thoughts jumbling around your mind. Now all you need to do is put those thoughts into word..…

Sounds easy, but it's super tough. The will to write cannot overpower the will to procrastinate for untrained minds (such as mine). But there can be some other reasons for not wanting to write, beyond the desire to procrastinate. Let me walk through these, in the hopes that I can overcome my desire to procrastinate.

Not visualizing the start and end

You might have seen movies where the beginning is very slow. You might have read books where the start is boring. It might be the case that you didn't continue those movies or books. But if you were able to continue, you might have been surprised to find that some of those medias are actually entertaining.

A similar comparison can be drawn for writing. You know what to write. But you cannot visualize the start and the end, or the start, or the end. You know about the path, but you neither know where to start, nor where to end. Not visualizing the start or the end can be a factor in your writer's block.

Thinking about grammer too much

Yes, I know I mispelled grammar. I also know I misspelled misspelled. Does it irk you? Then you might have the tendency to put off writing in fear of not having accurate grammar. You write not only for your satisfaction, but also for showing it to the world. How embarrassing would it be if you had a spelling mistake, or a typo, or god forbid, a tense error?! Some of these fears can be mitigated by using spell checkers or tools like grammarly, but it's not a foolproof solution.

Finding the time

We are all busy in this busy world, no doubt about that. We have responsibilities. We have obligations. It's tough to set some time aside to write. It's even tougher to get back to something that you were writing on. A prime example is this article itself! I started writing it on the month of September 2020. But here I am still writing it in October 2020! That shows you how finding time to write can be tough! There's no way out of it but to sit, and write.

So what's the point of this then?

I am not here with a solution. I am here to ask you to be kinder to yourself. Be kind when you are blaming yourself for not writing regularly. Be kind when you have that blog post in draft mode for a few months. Understand that the unintention can be a real burden, and it can only be solved by sitting down and starting to write. Write anything!